No Pokemon GO yet – Here’s Niantic’s Official Statement


Representatives from Niantic, the developers of Pokemon Go has responded to our e-mail inquiring about the game’s release in new territories.

Sent via, the agency which represents Niantic, we were told that no announced plans are afoot outside the countries with official releases.

The email read:

“The team is currently heads down working on the game. We do not have any announced plans for countries beyond New Zealand, Australia, US and Germany at the moment.”

Chris Kramer, Vice President
fortyseven communications

This comes amidst rumors of the game set to be officially available to players in the SEA region starting tomorrow, citing the theories related to the ‘refreshed App market on Thursdays’.

As bummed as we are with this official announcement, we hope this puts an end to all the rumors going about, giving eager trainers false hope thinking that they will get to play the game by this weekend. At last check, the game has been made officially available in the UK.

On our end, we are constantly keeping an eye on the app markets for any progress and we will keep you abreast with related ongoings as we receive them.

Meanwhile, check out our review of Pokemon Go where Kallie Plagge described as “lacks in polish and depth but makes up for with a fascinating social experience”.

We will keep pursuing for more news related to the game’s official release in the region and til then, keep it locked on to IGN.

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