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With this guide, learn how to catch Pikachu at the beginning of the hugely popular Pokemon GO instead of the usual Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.

Like other Pokemon games, when someone begins their adventure in the augmented reality world of Pokemon GO, one of the first orders of business is choosing a starter. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, the three original starter Pokemon, spawn around the player, and most people choose one of them as their first Pokemon. However, it’s been discovered that a fourth starter Pokemon can be caught, and it’s perhaps the most popular of all the pocket monsters.

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As it turns out, Pikachu is the fourth choice for a starter Pokemon in Pokemon GO. To make Pikachu spawn, simply walk away from Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Walking far enough away from the original trio of starters will cause the creatures to respawn closer to the player, but doing this a few times will eventually cause a Pikachu to appear instead.

From there, catching Pikachu is simple enough: tap on Pikachu, and then fling a Pokeball at its head. Assuming the Pokeball hits its mark, Pikachu is as good as caught, as it seems as though it’s impossible for any of the starter Pokemon to escape their Pokeballs.

Pikachu can also be captured elsewhere in the world, so those that missed out on catching it as a starter shouldn’t worry. To that end, the other three starters can be captured in the wild as well, with Squirtles said to be common near significant bodies of water, like lakes and oceans, for example.

While finding a Pikachu randomly in the world may be more difficult than snagging one at the start of the game, players can rest easy with the knowledge that it’s at least possible. After all, most other Pokemon games, with the exception of Pokemon Yellow, make it impossible to collect all the starters without trading between games. Since trading Pokemon with other Pokemon GO players isn’t a feature that’s currently available, it’s nice that Niantic is letting players catch the starters in the wild.

Once Pokemon trading is in, obtaining rarer Pokemon like Pikachu and the others starters should be an easier process. For now, players will either have to rely on this trick to catch the elusive Pikachu, or be lucky enough to stumble upon one in the wild during their globetrotting adventures in the massively popular Pokemon GO.

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